The ICEBOX® Tool

The ICEBOX® igloo construction tool consists of a a slip form for building igloo blocks from loose snow An adjustable length aluminum pole is attached to one of the form and a pivot stake is attached on the other end of the pole.

To use the tool, you first place the stake in the center of the igloo construction area. Then simply fill the ICEBOX® slip form by shoveling loose snow into the form and packing it as the form is filled.

As blocks are completed the slip form is removed and revolved to the left around a pivot center stake. This creates a radius. The radius and Catenary form are maintained adjusting the length of the pivot pole to preset lengths easily identified by block layer number. On the first layer set the pole to the number 1 adjustment hole. At layer 2, extend the pole to the number 2 adjustment hole.

The tool helps you easily and reliably make a complete and habitable igloo dome for winter/snow camping, or backyard fun.

Your kit will include a pole with 8 adjustments, 1 for each igloo block height layer. The pole length adjusts while you build your igloo to ensure the correct domed catenary shape. The pole is also key to support the weight of the snow and form while packing the snow.

Grand Shelters Igloo Door

Grand Shelters Inc. developed and tested an igloo or snow-shelter door you can buy today!

The door can be hung by spikes driven into the face of the igloo and attached to the doors elastic strap loops.

The door is 26" X 50" although the maximum recommended opening size is 24" X 45". The door has a vertical slit in the middleto allow for quick entry and egress.

Velcro pads will fasten the door together in high winds. When it isn't windy, the Velcro pads can be covered by a sewn on strap.

To hold the door down, there is also a snow pouch sewn into the bottom of each section of the door.

The purpose is to add weight to the bottom of the door so it will hang taut and not blow in the wind.

The snow pouch is filled through a cone shaped plastic disc on the edge of the door.

The cone shaped plastic disc acts as a funnel to put the snow into the pouch.