Igloo News Blog

Our Igloo News and media page has many different customer stories and blog posts we have been asked to add to our site. We have also been featured on the today show, which is noteworthy igloo news. Igloo Ed alo brings a lot of knowledge to igloo building. He contributes to our forum often, so please also visit the forum where you can get more information and igloo news from people around the world. When new events come up, or when we have someone share a story, we will update our website to include and igloo news or stories. By in large, we have poeple contact us abot doing interviews, but we really want to just enjoy the experience and be in the great outdoors.

If you have igloo news or stories, contact us, we might just publish your story and link to your social media or website. You can also check Igloo Ed out on Facebook. Ed shares quite a few of his adventures there and he loves helping others enjoy his passion. Don’t be shy, send him a message.