Grand Shelters Inc. ICEBOX® Igloo winter camp tents developed, tested and now sell a heavy duty nylon weighted flap door that can be used for any igloo or winter snow shelter.

The door is hung by spikes driven into each side of the face of an igloo or snow shelter. The spikes are attached to elastic strap loops on the door. Simple yet very effective, our door has been extensively time tested.

The door is 26″ X 50″ although the maximum recommended opening size is 24″ X 45″. The door has a vertical slit in the middle to allow for quick entry and egress.

Velcro pads will fasten the door together in high winds. When it isn’t windy, the Velcro pads can be covered by a sewn on strap to prevent the flaps from sticking together when entering or exiting through the flaps.

To hold the door down, we designed in a sleeve sewn into the bottom of each flap of the door. The sleeve is filled with snow to add the weight to the flaps.

The sleeves add weight to the bottom of the door so the door flaps will hang taut and not blow in the wind.

The snow pouch is filled through a cone shaped plastic disc on the edge of each door flap.

The cone shaped plastic disc acts as a funnel to put the snow into the pouch as well as to remove the snow when you are done camping.