Our Videos

Find our Igloo Building Videos here! If you want to build your first igloo, above all start with a video tutorial! We have made several videos available that we hope you enjoy. Not all of these igloo building videos are our own, some are from friends and customers.

Igloo Building Videos Make it Simple

First of all, we have spent hundreds and hundreds of hours doing research and further developing the perfect Igloo building tool. You get to benefit from this research and development for fun winter camping and playing with the kids. You don’t have to be a survivalist or extreme person to enjoy being outdoors. Warm igloo seems like an oxymoron, however people are often surprised how relatively warm, and as a result, how cozy an igloo can be. Some of our customers videos show a relatively warm and cozy hangout. That is why many people have made the switch to building Igloos over packing tents that don’t keep you very warm.



Have an Igloo Building Video You want to Share?

Igloos are hard to build without the right tool, however our igloo tool is the only tool you need. Demonstrate your igloo building skill by sending a Youtube video link of how you also used your ICEBOX tool. Your video may end up on our website! Snow forts are fun and we are interested in how families use our tool for their kids enjoyment. Igloo block tools are often used rather than an ICEBOX® to construct snow blocks. Good solid blocks which are great for snow forts. Photos and videos tell a unique story, more importantly we would love to learn from you!