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2020/2021 9' igloo is in play!

Posted: Sun Jan 17, 2021 8:23 pm
by Banff Martin
On the 29th I built a 9' with a co-worker. Started at 10:30 and finished at 5 with a short lunch break. Pretty good time for 2 builders!

This was another 'dense' build, as all will be if I can do pre-work for a build. This means overbuilding the pad so the excess can be broken down and used to build the blocks with, for 1/3 more density. It is really nice to pack pre-packed snow!

I spent about 5 hours over 3 sessions gathering, packing and re-packing the snow. First round for a large base that I snow-shoe packed 3~4 times, then boot-packed the next session before adding more and snow-show packing again. Finishing session was to level the surface, choose where the center would be & mark where the igloo wall would sit, and then boot-pack the wall ring plus add more snow after boot packing. A scoop-bucket shovel is essential for this.

On new year's day I built the 20" wide, 4'+ windwall with another friend using a plywood form I improvised. It only protects the lower 2/3 of the igloo wall, but that's the essentials anyway - if the top gets thinner the structure won't sag. I also added a 'cold scarf' to the base around the outside of the igloo and lightly packed it; this resists the 1st level from kicking out if the snow gets soft. I prefer the outside classic look, but when inside having proper geometry is more important!

Inside it has sagged about 1', but with the warm spells we've had that's normal. Thanks to visitors the inside has iced over and I don't think it'll sag further.

We were hopeful to build an 8' in another spot, but the snow is ruined and new snow is needed for it not to be very difficult.

Season 9 is in the running! =)

Re: 2020/2021 9' igloo is in play!

Posted: Tue Jan 19, 2021 8:37 pm
by Igloo Ed
Nice! You are sure getting it down. The shape is perfect and you are doing all you can to make it last.
Every little thing makes a difference and there are so many things to learn.