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My Turkey Day igloo

Posted: Sun Nov 22, 2009 8:28 pm
by Igloo Ed
Some friends and I went up last weekend and built an igloo that I could use on my Thanksgiving Day trip. I'm planning on spending all three nights at the igloo so I went up again this weekend to check it out and make sure it was in good shape for my coming trip.
We built the igloo in a spot with great views and in a spot protected from wind and sunlight. I packed down a little patio to walk out on but just the view looking N.NE. from the igloo almost beckons a person to go out and take a look:

The Continental Divide is a short ways to the west and the view from behind the igloo shows part of the view looking west from the door of the igloo:

A bit further back from the igloo shows the igloo in the trees with huge rock spires making up the Divide:

When standing out on the patio and looking back at the igloo shows the huge foundation we built which for some reason gave me the feeling that it looked like a castle:

The igloo is nestled down in a little hollow and had received dusting of snow since last weekend making the igloo look very smooth:
The igloo is a nine foot inside diameter igloo and it had settled down a couple inches since last week but the temperatures are getting colder and I expect the sagging to stop soon. The area will actually receive some ten feet of snow this season and will probably be buried by mid January.
I'll be chomping at the bit by the end of the day Wed.
Woo Hoo!