The 2nd through 5th layers

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The 2nd through 5th layers

Post by Igloo Ed » Thu Jun 19, 2008 2:47 pm

At the beginning of the first layer, the form wasn't filled all the way until the end of the third block built. This effectively creates a ramp that you will run into and go up to build the second layer. At the center of the second ramp block change your pole length on the pole assembly. The changing of the pole length will be covered in the "Advanced" forum in a thread titled "Adjusting the pole for each layer".
Continue up the ramp and all the way around the igloo building blocks. Change the pole again at the middle block of the ramp when going up to the third layer. Continue building blocks this way until reaching the sixth layer. On the sixth layer, the Outer Panel is removed and the technique to hold the form, place the snow and pack the snow will change.


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