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Backpacking in the Snow

Cold Weather Backpacking | Build an Igloo | Stay Warm

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Winter Backpacking Using An Igloo Tool Versus Packing In And Setting Up A Winter Tent

Backpacking in the snow

Sure, anyone winter backpacking can throw up a winter tent. They can also build a Quinzee or snow cave. Setting up large all weather tents, extreme tents, winter tents or snow tents are fine for some conditions, but they are certainly not a winter backpacking tent. They are often heavy and time consuming to set up. Not to mention these tents are often cold, noisy because they flap in the wind and can be pushed down with large amounts of overnight snowfall. Truthfully, even the best winter tent is going to be cold and uncomfortable.

Winter backpacking should be fun. Part of it being fun means it is safe and reasonably comfortable. You don’t want to freeze and cause yourself grief. There is also the peacefulness of winter camping in an igloo that cannot be duplicated. There is a visceral component to spending the night in an ancient snow habitat.Not to mention that the experience is unique in that it is very quiet and calm. The wind can be howling and you are safe and secure inside a dome of silence and calm.

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Camping on the snow
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