Best Winter Camping Gear

winter camping gear

Don’t Fear the Cold — Experience the Magic of the Ice With ICEBOX® Igloo Tools

A lot of people are afraid to go out, let alone camp out, in freezing temperatures. It makes sense since extremely low temperatures are a safety hazard and can lead to hypothermia. However, if you have the proper winter camping gear, there is no fear.
Ed Huesers of Grand Shelters discovered the best way you can spend the night in the snow: Igloos. Although a departure from the usual shelters erected during winter camping, igloos are actually your best options as they are warmer, more stable and quieter than 4-season tents.

Inspired from the ancient practice of Inuit, an igloo can brave the winds much better than a winter tent can. It also allows in moonlight so that there is reduced need of using flashlights and torches and it the snow muffles all sound, ensuring a peaceful night’s sleep.

Best Winter Camping Gear

Traditionally, igloos were made by cutting out blocks of compact snow and stacking them up. However, not all winter camping sites have hard-packed snow which can give an igloo a stable structure.

Enter the ICEBOX® Igloo Building Tool kit
With the ICEBOX® tools, making an igloo is now easier than ever. No matter what type of snow you got, even if it is loose and powdery, the ICEBOX® Igloo Building Tool kit will make sure your igloo structure is cool and comfortable.

ICEBOX Igloo Building Tool kit

Why the ICEBOX® Tools Are So Cool

The ICEBOX® Igloo Building Tool kit comprises of a lightweight, portable form tool for building Inuit-inspired igloos in all snowy conditions. The camping gear can be used to make igloos of 5 different sizes: a 7 ft igloo can accommodate one or two people, an 8 ft igloo can accommodate 3 people, a 9 ft igloo can accommodate 4 people, a 10 ft igloo can accommodate 5 people, and an 11 ft igloo can accommodate 6 people.
The ICEBOX® Igloo Building Tool kit weighs about 2.3 kg, which is lighter than your 4-season tents.

The ICEBOX® Igloo Building Tool kit is very easy to assemble and use. In fact, after the first use, you can dispense with the instruction manual, it is that easy.
Each building tools comes with a plastic slip form which is shaped like a rectangular box, open from two sides, to allow you to shovel in snow. This form attaches to an aluminum adjustable pole that you can lengthen or shorten as you build up your igloo. The pole is attached to a pivot stake, which keeps the construction of the igloo center to ensure a perfect catenary shape.

winter camping gear igloo tool door

How to Use

Using the ICEBOX® Igloo Building Tool kit is very easy. Place the stake in the center of your construction site. Make a small ramp and then fill the ICEBOX® form with loose snow, packing it as it fills. Once the form is filled, release the ice brick and move over to make the rest.

ICEBOX® Igloo Door

The ICEBOX® igloo tool works best with our advanced igloo door. Yes, igloos can have doors too!
When you build an igloo, you can keep your shelter more secure and warm by installing it with a door. Although the concept of an igloo door seems simple, it actually has unique issues.
The ICEBOX® igloo door is 26 inches wide and 50 inches tall and can cover an opening which is 24 inches wide and 45 inches tall. It has a pocket at the bottom that you can fill and weight down with snow to ensure the door does not flap in the wind. It also features a slit in the middle, secured by three Velcro pads, which a person can use to look outside or walk outside the shelter without dislodging the door form its place. The door is hung from spike driven into the walls of the igloo and attached to elastic strap loops.

The ICEBOX® igloo tools are easy to work with and, more importantly, can create a stable catenary ice structure. This beneficial design prevents the walls of the igloo from collapsing down, keeping the occupants inside warm and safe.
Winter camping can be exciting and fun and it can be even more so with an igloo. Become part of the Grand Shelters family and enjoy our cool tools.