Icebox Igloo

The pristine white snow shelters, igloos, have long been used by Eskimos as a warm and safe place for living. These days, however, building an igloo has become a stimulating and fun activity for adventure lovers in winter.

However, if you are not in the Arctic region, many winter trek destinations do not have suitable snowbanks or hard-packed snow for making bricks to build an igloo. In fact, many campers either do not have the skills to make an igloo or are not willing to go the exhaustive extra mile to make a snow hut.

Sensing this issue, Ed Huesers, an avid winter camper from Colorado, started to experiment with different types of snow wall constructions. Fortunately, Ed owned a plastic shop and started using various plastic forms to build snow walls. Ed’s passion for winter, ice, and snow quickly resulted in him learning how to build an igloo and becoming a professional igloo builder.

With the help of his plastic company, Ed built and started marketing his revolutionary ICEBOX® igloo maker, a machine capable of creating an overnight winter shelter for a large group of people in just 1.5 to 3 hours. The ICEBOX® igloo maker weighs about 2.35 kg, which is a bit heavier than your average one-person tent; however, since you only need one ICEBOX® igloo maker even if you are traveling in a group, it actually helps in saving weight.

How to Build an Igloo with ICEBOX®

With ICEBOX®, making an igloo couldn’t be simpler. Here’s all you need to do:
• Use the plastic spike on the ICEBOX® to fix the end of the extendable pole to what will become the center spot of your igloo. This will ensure the snow blocks lay in a perfect spiral, just like the Inuit do.

• Clamp the plastic trays into place to make a three-sided brick mold which you can pack with snow. Once the snow has been compressed into a brick, unclamp the tray. Then, move on to the next brick until the first layer of blocks is complete.

• When you move to the second layer, adjust the pole so that the arc of the wall turns into a perfect, dome-shaped curve.

Don’t Let the Cold Put a Damper on Your Fun on the Ice

With ICEBOX®, you can make a perfect igloo, big enough to house a group of people, complete with an underground entrance to trap heat, and even a chimney if you want to cook. The ice blocks on the igloo are so solid and compact that there is virtually no chance of the snow hut collapsing in perfect winter conditions. Note though that warm temperatures may make the ice lose its thickness and the igloo may not be able to withstand heavy rain.
When you are out on a winter camping trip, you have access to pristine and stunning locations, with plenty of opportunities for skiing, sledding, snowboarding, and fishing. But the one thing that can put a damper in your adventure-seeking campaign is living inside a tent at sub-zero temperatures.
Grand Shelters Inc’s area of expertise is the conceptual designing, planning, constructing and maintaining snow structures. Ed and his team take pride in the fact that the ICEBOX® igloo tool has seen such success over the years.
Whether you want to explore the Aspens or just want to impress anyone when it snows in the Grand Rapids, ICEBOX® is an inspiring igloo making kit that can help you create your own winter wonderland.